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Iron bath restoration

Liquid Acrylic cast Iron Bath Restoration

Bath restoration is carried out by acrylic of increased impact resistance (material + work)

Manufacturer – FINNACRYL, Finland, standard bath.

Are you sure you’ve got enough acrylic for cast iron bath restoration?

Not everybody knows, that before applying a layer of liquid acrylic on the surface of the cast iron bath you should make detailed calculations to achieve the best results. The quantity of the material in the package is 3.7 kg. Is it enough for restoration of one bath? The thing is that even though all baths seem to be the same size in reality you may need more or less liquid acrylic for each of them.

For the correct calculations you should take into consideration the following factors:

  1. The temperature at the location of the bath restoration is very important. For example, if it is low, liquid acrylic may drip incompletely. After drying it will cause a hole in the center of the bath. It will be a serious defect, that’s why the repairman must heat the bath up correctly in the process of filling with a special technical device.
  2. The next important factor is a bath setting angle. Construction workers usually install it not perfectly, that’s why water constantly accumulates in one part of the bath (mostly in the back of it). This defect can be repaired by the usage of a larger amount of liquid acrylic. Its volume is calculated by the repairman according to the length of the bath, area of the bottom and deviation angle.
  3. The 3rd factor is a presence or absence of manufacturing fault on the surface of the bath. One of the most frequent defects is a convex bottom of the bath. In this case water also doesn’t go away completely. A decision of the appropriate amount of liquid acrylic is made by a reparation in each case individually.

Жидкий акрил процесс восстановления чаши бассеина Бетонный бассейн восстановленный жидким акрилом

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